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August 4, 2016
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ZitDots by Enzel. Drug Free, Absorbing Patch to Clear Pimples and Blemishes Quickly and Effectively.

1. ZitDots was developed to reduce redness and the size of spots. Cover your spots with a treatment patch overnight and wake up to clear skin!
2. These waterproof circles can be used under makeup as well. Just adhere the dot to clean skin and then apply makeup as usual.
3. Applied as a protective cover, ZitDots will reduce your irritation quickly – reducing the urge to squeeze your zits to prevent acne scarring.
4. These patches are easy to use and are designed to work on all ages – teens, women, men – as they are non-drying as well as non-irritating.
5. Each packaged contains 24 circles containing hydrocolloid which provides a moist environment to aid in minimizing acne scars. ZitDots will absorb puss and adheres only to the skin surrounding the blemish.

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